Tunnel optimization

Work package 1


  1. Boundary effects on tilt response will be described. Recommendations for minimum wind tunnel size will be made.

  2. Turbulence influence on calibration results. The dependence of turbulence to the anemometer response will be finally clarified and documented. Proposals for future calibrations will be made.
  3. Classification of four anemometers, including optimised cup anemometer according to the new IEC61400-12-1CDV,2015.
  4. Comparison of wind tunnel calibration and classification vs. field calibration and classification. This will clarify the bias between wind tunnels and establish the true calibration. Furthermore, the anemometer classification procedure will be validated.


  1. Conclusion of wind tunnel boundary effects influence on tilt response.
  2. Conclusion of turbulence influence on calibration results.
  3. Calibration and classification of three anemometers finished.
  4. New wind tunnel calibrations ready for customers.