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Above is a map showing where in Denmark the partners are from

Contact person: Troels Friis Pedersen

The Danish wind energy research environment is internationally recognised as being in the forefront of wind energy technology, and The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has provided a major part of the wind energy research in Denmark with Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy as a major contributor. DTU Wind Energy has more than 230 staff members, including 150 academic staff members and nearly approximately 40 PhD students, and the department comprises 10 sections and 5 programmes.

DTU Wind Energy 

Contact person: Kirstine Bak-Kristensen

Svend Ole Hansen ApS provides consulting in many aspects of wind engineering. Theoretical calculations and wind tunnel tests are carried out regarding different wind engineering areas. Calibrations of cup anemometers for the wind industry is an important activity with many years of experience. The company is always striving to improve the wind tunnel calibration accuracy, and expects that the TrueWind project will be very valuable in reducing the uncertainties in wind speed.

Svend Ole Hansen ApS


Contact person: Ole Frost Hansen

Windsensor ApS produces cup anemometers and has today one of the best instruments for measurement of wind speed. Windsensor is continuously working on the cup anemometer design to improve on the accuracy of measured wind speed. Hereby the uncertainty on estimation of available wind resources and the uncertainty on power performance of wind turbines is reduced which decreases the economic risk in investments in wind energy.



Contact person: Michael Bo Hansen

Dantec Dynamics specializes in the development, manufacture and application support of measurement systems that acquire and analyze data of physical properties in fluids and in solid structures. We deliver turnkey and customized solutions built on high-end laser optics, imaging, and sensor technologies. Our user-friendly software performs advanced data analysis and produces real-time results. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in providing our clients superior technical application support worldwide.